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We provide medication management programs for the healthcare industry with a mission to offer practical healthcare innovations that enhance quality, promote better outcomes, and reduce the costs of care.

Our team is a unique blend of talent that brings the best of several disciplines together to create an effective and well thought out program. From hardware and software engineers specializing in medication management, to fellows in the American Geriatric Society and National Academy of Science, a director of the Alliance for Aging Research, and entrepreneurs with decades of experience to know what works.

However you feel about the government’s role in healthcare, there is no doubt that each of us can do more to care for our own families and loved ones. One in four of U.S. households are responsible for the healthcare of an elderly family member, and by 2020, one in three US households expects to be involved in caring for an elderly or disabled relative. That responsibility is made more difficult because many of us do not live near where our parents or family members live or we simply can’t be there all the time.

Monitor My Meds promotes well care not sick care.